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Urban Swaras Starting Line run 651 @ Outdoorman Cabins, Kimunye

Dear Swaras, 

There were plenty of photo opportunities at this past weekend’s Swara run: dams, trees, trails, hills, flatlands, you name it, it had it! As a bonus, we discovered a new runner-friendly venue in Dagoretti. If you enjoyed the run and have an idea for a future run of the same calibre, let us know! See the Starting Line for some photo highlights:

This week’s run – Outdoorman Cabins, Kimunye

This week we have the much-anticipated Kimunye Run, from the picturesque Outdoorman Cabins, Come discover the small but mighty Kirinyaga County, and the foothills of Mount Kenya in all their splendour. Link to register right away:

See the Starting Line for full details on shared transport, carpooling, and the delightful breakfast, parking, and day trip combo we have negotiated for you all!


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Urban Swaras Starting Line run 649 @ The Subraile, Ruaka

Dear Swaras, .

We learned a thing or two about Karen and its hidden paths, trails, and hills this weekend, and had breakfast amongst the monkeys! Lesson learned: monkeys like sugar! Oh, and Swaras like hills! 😉 Thanks to everyone who showed up, and welcome also to a whole load of new members that have just joined us this week, make yourselves at home! Check out the Starting Line for some photo highlights:

This Starting Line is sponsored by Enda and Healthy Kajuju?. Swaras get 20% off their online purchases from both stores this week using discount code ‘Swara20’.

Visit the Enda website to order your Kenyan-made running shoes: or the Healthy Kajuju Shop for healthy snacks and treats:

This week’s run – The Subraile, Ruaka

This week we’re running from The Subraile, a chilled hangout in Ruaka. There will be distances up to 30km to choose from, with an almost entirely traily trail full of undulating hills – see ya later, tarmac! Find full info and link to register (register by Thursday 5pm!) here:

Swara Speed Work

Speed work is back. See you at Nyayo Stadium, Thursday from 5.30pm, until 7pm. Speed work will be held there every Thursday in May and June. Entrance is 200ksh, payable directly to the stadium.


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Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 642 @ Hunger’s Nest, Langata

What a magnificent, marvellous, and mesmerising run that was, with a double M run – Mua Hills with the Mwololos. Thank you so much to the Mwololo family for hosting us as a club, and thank you to all who came out, despite the fuel crisis and the holiday madness! The route had views every which way you looked, and it was perfect running terrain for trail-hungry runners and scenery aficionados. What a treat! See photo highlights in the Starting Line:

This Saturday we are heading back to town, and running from Hunger’s Nest, in Langata. We will have on offer distances from 10km to 30km, and if you know what’s right for you you’ll be gearing up for the first Swara Kericho trail run the weekend after so save some energy for that! See full details and register here:

A huge thank you also to Dedan Miricho, our first Swara Zoom guest of 2022, and it was a hugely informative session, with a fantastic attendance, leaving everyone begging for more! If you’re interested in being a guest for Show&Tell or An Audience With…, or you have an idea for a guest, reach out to the Secretary. Thanks to Michael Nawari for reviving this much-loved tradition.

See below for a recap of the Kericho Trail Run details sent out last week, and don’t forget to book your accommodation right away, and let us know if you would like a spot on the Swara bus (which will only go ahead if there is enough interest).

Kericho Trail Run

Date: Saturday 30th April, 2022, flagging off 7am. Advised to travel Friday 29th April, and back Sunday 1st May. 

Distances: 15, 25, 35, and 45km

Venue: Hills Country Lodge, Kericho

Trail type: trail!

Transport: we are looking at arranging for a Swara bus, which holds 22 people, but this is only possible if we have enough demand. Leaving Friday around 2pm, returning Sunday morning. If you would like to take the Swara bus, please send the Secretary a message (+254792745372 / Whatsapp +33615209676/ email clairesimonebaker@gmail.combefore end of Tuesday 19th April saying you’re interested in the Swara Kericho bus, so we can get a provisional idea. Depending on numbers the cost would be between 3,000ksh and 4,300ksh return.

Accommodation: We invite you all to already book your accommodation, deadline for that is 23rd April. Please use the contact and booking details below. There are approximately 30 rooms available, mostly double, and 1 twin. Negotiated flat rate for bed and breakfast reserved by 23rd April = 2,000ksh per person per night, or 2,600ksh for 2 people in a double bed. Contact Person Ken 0720941891

This is a normal Swara run, so there is no extra registration cost for members. Guests pay the normal 500ksh guest fees. #RunningNest


Urban Swaras PB Challenge launches!

Are you feeling a little ‘mojo-less’? Are you finding yourself sleeping in on a Saturday morning instead of hitting the trails, now that there are no Swara runs? Well, we’ve got something to get you jumping into your running gear again! The Swara PB Challenge! We’re challenging all Urban Swaras to record a PB (personal best) in a variety of distances, or record your longest distance run. You’re only competing against yourself! Think of Eliud Kipchoge setting his PBs with only his pacers and a camera crew. Except without the pacers and the camera crew 🙂

Wherever you are, whatever you’re wearing, just run! You can set yourself a specific goal, or just go with the flow, and once you record a PB or longest distance, share the screenshot of your watch/running app on the Whatsapp group, or by email ( or Whatsapp (+33615209676) to the MC before Sunday 25th April 11.59pm and, once the very serious, very fair, and very handsome judging committee verifies that it is eligible, you will enter a prize draw to win a 2,000ksh voucher to spend at the Duka La Swara! All entries will be shared and celebrated in next week’s Starting Line.

So get your PB jam on, and see what you’re capable of! See poster above, and find full details, and photo highlights from last week in the Starting Line:

Please note there will be no Saturday run or speedwork for the foreseeable future.

Link to the Starting Line:



Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 588 @Graceland Upcountry Run & Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary

I never thought I would see the day where I would complain about a LACK of mud, but after working myself up for a slip and slide, our Trail Fox surprised us all by finding us a beautiful trail that, despite the recent rains, was pretty free of the worst sort of mud. Kudos to him! And kudos to all who ran, including a number of new runners, and some familiar faces that we hadn’t seen in a long time, who couldn’t miss what they knew was going to be a great run from an easily accessible location. Luckily we didn’t lose any Swaras to the river, which was crossed no less than three times, on the most precarious of ‘bridges’ (if you can even call them that). Check out the photos in the Starting Line for a giggle!

The Treasurer has been inspecting our membership records, and we invite you all to make sure you’re up-to-date on your subs, to ensure the smooth running of the club. Do remember that the Club Officials and CRE are volunteers, and so we urge you all to continue to show the camaraderie and cooperation that has come to characterise us as a club, and to follow the club guidelines and membership obligations, to make the running of the club smooth and pleasant for all. We thank you all so much for helping make the Urban Swaras one of Kenya’s biggest and best running clubs!

This coming week we have so much to look forward to! Graceland Upcountry Run is now in its 10th edition, believe it or not, and to celebrate this BIG figure there will be BIG trails, of not less than 30km and 55km. Registration is ongoing until Wednesday 17th February, so hurry to register, and let us and Wachira, our gracious host, know if you will be attending the pasta dinner and post-run lunch. Register here:

For those that will be staying put in Nairobi for one reason or another, we will meet at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary, following the marked trails and not at all getting FOMO for the Graceland attendees!

Full details on both runs in the Starting Line:


Saturday 12th October 2019 run @ Spring Valley Oven

This Saturday’s run will be at the Spring Valley Oven restaurant on Lower Kabete Road.


Google Maps pin here.


10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35km.

Breakfast & facilities

Breakfast is available at the venue, but not mandatory. Parking fees are charged at 100/- per vehicle and are payable to the club treasurer on arrival.


The run will be flagged off at 0700. Please allow time to register before the run begins.


Confirmations are required by Thursday at 1400. Click here to confirm (members and non-members).


Always remember, we DO NOT LITTER because we want to keep the environments we run in clean for ourselves, local residents and the wildlife.