Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 661 @ Villa Park, Wangige

Dear Swaras, 

Sometimes a week goes by with very little excitement or news. THAT IS NOT THIS WEEK! We’ve been blown away by Swara exploits. Firstly we had a bevvy of runners in Kaptagat, for the inaugural Swaras Kaptagat run, from The King’s Lair, as we dubbed it. We had reported sightings of Kipchoge himself, flagging off by retired champion runner Hon. Leah Malot, tree planting after the run, mud and trails and the most delectable maize cobs you’ve ever tasted. Not to mention the afterparty...no seriously, let’s not mention it 😉 Huge thank you to Shem and Masika for coordinating this new run for us! See some photo highlights: https://sway.office.com/LO9vXgpGA75gXRzk?ref=Link

On the other side of the continent you had a handful of Swaras and other Nairobi recreational runners pushing themselves to new limits with the annual Comrades Run in South Africa – 90km no less! The almighty Annika Berlin left a trail of dust behind her, with an impressive maiden finish in this grueling run, and Sam Ndungu and Andu Debebe (to name a few) crossed the finish line with juice still left in the tank, to raucous applause. Well done all of you!

The Sky-running king himself Victor Miringu completed the 160km Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, a run that most ultra runners dream of. Just wow. Just amazing.

And then Cheruiyot (the man only needs one name), came SECOND in the 160km Chiang Mai Ultra Trail in Thailand, and has some hilarious tales to tell (be sure to chase him down next time you see him…if you can)!

Please celebrate them, and follow their lead, in having fun, pushing to new heights, and embodying #RunningIsLiving!

This week’s run – Villa Park Resort, Wangige

This Saturday we’re heading to a classic Swara venue, Villa Park Resort, Wangige. Bring a friend, it’s not too far, and bring your good cheer, the sun is coming back to Nairobi, I have been reassured! Distances of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30km will be available (approximate distances only). Full info and registration form here: https://sway.office.com/LO9vXgpGA75gXRzk?ref=Link

Mount Kenya Ultra – read me!!

With one ultra gone, let’s get ready for the next! Mount Kenya Ultra is a flagship Swara run, and this year we are reinstating the infamous Mountain to Mountain route – reworked! on 10th September we will go from Mount Kenya to the Aberdares, with three possible routes: 25km, 50km and 80km. But even if you’ve been at every previous edition of this run, the route will still surprise you, as we find new ways to delight the legs 🙂 Register now: https://forms.gle/7w75iU3gEzzKadhN8

Affordable accommodation has been secured at Golden Gates Hotel in Nyeri (2,500ksh per person B&B single, 3,000ksh total for a double), and Mountain Gate Hotel at Naro Moru Gate (2,000ksh per person B&B). Register now to start getting excited:

Book your accommodation directly with Golden Gate Hotel: 0707 029292 or Mountain Gate Hotel: 0711 267981 

Note: The full ultra runners (80km) should book Mountain Gate Hotel for Friday night and for Saturday book golden Gate Hotel. The 50km and 25km should book Golden Gate Hotel as their starting points are nearby.

The route is 25% trail and 75% tarmac for the full ultra.

The run is charged as a normal Swara run, so no extra charge for members, and 500ksh for guests. We will have optional t shirts and medals for an extra charge. Prices and sign up for this are in the same registration from: https://forms.gle/7w75iU3gEzzKadhN8 #SwarasAroundTheWorld