Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 588 @Graceland Upcountry Run & Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary

I never thought I would see the day where I would complain about a LACK of mud, but after working myself up for a slip and slide, our Trail Fox surprised us all by finding us a beautiful trail that, despite the recent rains, was pretty free of the worst sort of mud. Kudos to him! And kudos to all who ran, including a number of new runners, and some familiar faces that we hadn’t seen in a long time, who couldn’t miss what they knew was going to be a great run from an easily accessible location. Luckily we didn’t lose any Swaras to the river, which was crossed no less than three times, on the most precarious of ‘bridges’ (if you can even call them that). Check out the photos in the Starting Line for a giggle! https://sway.office.com/srWjVPrUuHuWBD1f?ref=Link

The Treasurer has been inspecting our membership records, and we invite you all to make sure you’re up-to-date on your subs, to ensure the smooth running of the club. Do remember that the Club Officials and CRE are volunteers, and so we urge you all to continue to show the camaraderie and cooperation that has come to characterise us as a club, and to follow the club guidelines and membership obligations, to make the running of the club smooth and pleasant for all. We thank you all so much for helping make the Urban Swaras one of Kenya’s biggest and best running clubs!

This coming week we have so much to look forward to! Graceland Upcountry Run is now in its 10th edition, believe it or not, and to celebrate this BIG figure there will be BIG trails, of not less than 30km and 55km. Registration is ongoing until Wednesday 17th February, so hurry to register, and let us and Wachira, our gracious host, know if you will be attending the pasta dinner and post-run lunch. Register here: https://forms.gle/PPA7244XvrZX3iXn7

For those that will be staying put in Nairobi for one reason or another, we will meet at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary, following the marked trails and not at all getting FOMO for the Graceland attendees!

Full details on both runs in the Starting Line: https://sway.office.com/srWjVPrUuHuWBD1f?ref=Link