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Urban Swaras Starting Line run 651 @ Outdoorman Cabins, Kimunye

Dear Swaras, 

There were plenty of photo opportunities at this past weekend’s Swara run: dams, trees, trails, hills, flatlands, you name it, it had it! As a bonus, we discovered a new runner-friendly venue in Dagoretti. If you enjoyed the run and have an idea for a future run of the same calibre, let us know! See the Starting Line for some photo highlights:

This week’s run – Outdoorman Cabins, Kimunye

This week we have the much-anticipated Kimunye Run, from the picturesque Outdoorman Cabins, Come discover the small but mighty Kirinyaga County, and the foothills of Mount Kenya in all their splendour. Link to register right away:

See the Starting Line for full details on shared transport, carpooling, and the delightful breakfast, parking, and day trip combo we have negotiated for you all!