Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 587 @ The Shed, Kitisuru

Ngong never disappoints, and we sure had some non-disappointing hills and trails on the Matasia Loop run this past weekend in Ngong. Never before have I heard someone ask where the 5% non-trail was in our advertised ‘95% trail’ run 🙂 , and I take that as due credit to our Trail Fox, Benja, who is able to sniff out anything trail-y within a 35km radius! Well done to all those who ran/walked/crawled, and to those who didn’t, don’t worry, there’s more where that came from. Find some photo highlights and results of the January Swara running challenge:

You should have received an email about the upcoming 10th edition of the Graceland Upcountry Run, from our ever-gracious host, Wachira Nderitu, so that gives us all something BIG (well, there is an Ultra distance) to look forward to this month in addition to our usual Swara runs! Carve out the Saturday 20th February for that run.

This week we’re heading to The Shed, Mwimuto/Kitisuru, for another foray into unknown and undiscovered trails. See the Starting Line for the full lo-down on what to expect from the next run: