Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 589 @ Forest Breeze Gardens

I hear all Swaras and guests got back to Nairobi from Graceland in one piece which can only mean one thing: they outran both the hills and the elephants! Highlights of Graceland 2021 include a one-man band, entire classes of Graceland girls cheering on exhausted but happy runners, and some cheeky little Swara-dipping (like skinny-dipping but wearing a Swara t-shirt). On behalf of the whole club, thank you to Wachira Nderitu, for this fantastic 10th edition of the much-loved Graceland run.

Meanwhile, those of us that remained in Nairobi had a casual , laid-back run at the Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary, where it seems all of Nairobi were out in full force, either running or biking with one of the many clubs that descended upon the newly rediscovered centrally located green space. Check out all the photos to get a feel for the visuals behind the stories! Starting Line:

Our next run will be at Forest Breeze Gardens, a new venue for the club, located off Ngong Road in the Lenena/Riruta area. Expect monkeys and greenery and trail! Full details in the Starting Line:

Thank you to all the Swaras that ordered from the Duka La Swara, you may see a LOT of Swara goodies around town now as everyone has received their merchandise and is flaunting it already. Look out for the next Duka La Swara opening, it’s a most elusive of online popup shops 🙂