Urban Swaras Starting Line run 652 @ Berra Hotel, Ngong

We 120% proved that Swaras are all-weather, all-terrain human vehicles this weekend in Kimunye! We had runners covering up to 36km on the trails on the edge of Mount Kenya Forest, and we crossed rivers, were deafened by waterfalls, and breakfasted with our feet almost in the water! All this in bone-chillingly cold temperatures, but with HUGE smiles on everyone’s faces. Well done to everyone who ran, and well done to everyone who came forward to give a fellow Swara a lift! Also massive kudos to Run Captain Davis Munene, who took us to his Shags in style by organising this run. If you want to captain a run, reach out! See photo highlights and this week’s mileage challenge in the Starting Line:

We also had a big contingency at Lewa Marathon, and even saw Annika Berlin come in with a podium finish in the full marathon, a record in recent history; congratulations to her!

We had a great Zoom session on Wednesday, An Audience With Muindi Kimanzi, possibly one of the most dedicated runners in these parts, with more than 1,000 days of daily running, and a book about the experience under his belt. Thanks to Muindi, and to Michael Mawari for moderating the session.

This week’s run – Berra Hotel, Ngong

Berra is a runner’s favourite, and for good reason. It offers fabulous trails in the Ngong Hills and environs, is a nice, out-of-the-way location just outside of Ngong Town, and has showers, good, affordable food, and a pool for good measure! Trails starting from 10km, all the way up to 30km, will be marked for your delectation. See you there! Find full details and the link to register here:

Next out of town run

Be sure to book out your Saturday 9th July, when we will be running from Maasai Eco Lodge in Kajiado. This will be a FANTASTIC run that has been in high demand since it disappeared from the Swara calendar for some time. Don’t miss it! More info coming soon.#BerraAndBerra