Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 687 @ Spring Valley Coffee

Dear Swaras, 

Months of prep, weeks of hype, and in one day it’s all over! But fear not: the soreness of the muscles from Kilimanjaro Marathon will last for a few days yet, the warm fuzzy feelings and smiles will keep us motivated for a few weeks, and the memories and photos and personal victories will last a lifetime! Well done to ALL who ran, or even just supported, you made it a success. Whether you got a sub-3 (a few did), or walked a 5km, so long as you did what you could and enjoyed it, the rest doesn’t matter! But as a bonus, we had some amazing performances by Nairobi recreational runners: Jane Mathenge coming in at number 4 for the ladies full marathon no less(!!), our own Trail Fox, Benja Chikani coming in at 3h14mins for the men’s full marathon, and Anthony Mwasaru at 3h8mins (!!!!!), a LOT of personal bests, and some incomparable Swara spirit on the trail and at the beer tent! Enjoy some photo highlights in the Starting Line, and for those who didn’t attend, there’s always next year! Starting Line:

This week’s run: Spring Valley Coffee

After all that exertion, I think we deserve to sit and have a coffee. But first, we run! We are running from Spring Valley Coffee, at the Spring Valley shopping centre, so that we can do a bit of running (from 10km up to 30km) and then sit back with some of Nairobi’s finest coffees and pastries from The Bastard Baker! Full details in the Starting Line:

Diani Run

Our next big out of town run to plan ahead for is Diani! You don’t want to miss out on the discounted prices, so don’t wait, register here: