Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 688 @ Thayu Farm Hotel, Tigoni

Dear Swaras,

Did your legs ‘spring’ back into action at this week’s run? Ready for the next big exciting run, or just for more fun, consistent, healthy runs? I hope so, because next week will be here sooner than you know! We’re heading to Thayu Farm Hotel, Tigoni…so you could say we’re going from coffee to tea! And remember, Diani is coming sooner than you know it so don’t miss out!

This week’s run – Thayu Farm Hotel, Tigoni.

This week we are running from Thayu Farm Hotel, Tigoni. Find full details in the Starting Line, and the link to register. There will be distances from 10 to 35km. Tigoni is a beautiful, scenic, and hilly place to run, with a small increase in altitude compared to Nairobi, so great for a proper challenge. Bring your cameras 😉 Check it out in the Starting Line:

Diani Run

Our next big out of town run to plan ahead for is Diani! You don’t want to miss out on the discounted prices, so don’t wait, register here: Deadline for SGR and hotel booking as a group is 12th March.#FarmPeopleRunningPeople