Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 686 @ Karura Forest + Kilimanjaro Marathon

Dear Swaras,

It’s Kilimanjaro Marathon time! More than 100 Swaras, hundreds of Nairobi recreational runners, and thousands of runners from across the region will be descending on Moshi for this year’s marathon. It’s now or never. Registration is closed, training is (I hope) completed, and you have all the necessary paperwork ready. Bibs will be waiting for you at your Swara hotel (or at Lutheran Uhuru Hostels if you booked to stay elsewhere), and transport will be leaving Saturday 6am from Parkside Hotel Monrovia Street (be on time)! Be sure to enjoy the run, stay safe, and listen to your body! And of course, cheer on a fellow runner, we’re a community after all ?

Good luck to everyone running!

We had a great and BIG run from VMX Fitness with our friends of Runfit Club this weekend just gone, with some special surprise goodies and a treat of a run! See photo highlights in the Starting Line:

This week’s run: Karura Forest

If you are not heading to Moshi, we will have a Swara run at Karura Forest for you, just follow the signposted routes! Remember, there is a total ban on disposable plastics in the forest, so be sure to bring your reusable bottles. You can have breakfast at River Cafe or at Java just up the street at the petrol station. Find full info and link to register in the Starting Line:

Diani Run

Our next big out of town run to plan ahead for is Diani! Register here: