Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 681 @ The Shed, Mwimuto

I hope you all had a great running weekend. I know many of you were at the Saturday Swara Run from Valley Arcade, but wherever you were, I hope it was fantastic! See some photo highlights in this week’s Starting Line:

As it it is the beginning of the year, I want to take a quick moment to say WELCOME to all our new guests, and members, and also say a big ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ to the people setting running goals and intentions for the year. It’s a great time to set any sort of goal. Ideally make it a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound). A good example would be ‘run a half marathon by August 2023, in under 2 hours 15 mins, and work towards it by running at least twice a week, including the Swara weekly run at least twice a month!’ Let us know if/when you hit your goal so we can celebrate with you 🙂

Find the updated new member information and sign up form here, for aspiring members to get started here:

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This week’s run: The Shed Lounge, Mwimuto

Have you missed the trail? We have! With the holiday (aka ‘lazy’) season behind us, let’s get back to the hills, the trail, the true Swara adventure! We will be running from The Shed Lounge, Mwimuto, for a majority trail run. Distances go from 5km to 35km, so something for everyone! Beginners to ultra marathoners.

See full details and link to register in the Starting Line: