Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 682 @ The Forest, Kereita + An Audience With…

I did warn you there would be hills and trails, and by golly we did not disappoint on Saturday! What I didn’t warn you about what how cheap and filling breakfast at The Shed would be 😉 I hope you all enjoyed this Saturday’s run, and lo and behold, next Saturday is going to be EVEN BETTER! A friendly reminder to please register in advance for runs, by Thursday 5pm. This saves time at the start of the run, and is also essential for planning the run logistics in advance. Thank you!

Find the updated new member information and sign up form here, for aspiring members to get started here:

This week’s run: The Forest, Kereita

We are going back to The Forest, for an exceptional trail run that I know MANY of you look forward to since we introduced it to the Swara calendar a couple of years ago. So take heed, this one will be hilly and traily, just how we like it, and you may be tempted to camp out here for the whole day as they have a lovely restaurant, a plethora of outdoor activities (ziplining, archery, bike riding, foot golf, etc.), and views for days! Distances on the day will be from 10km all the way up to 35km. See the Starting Line for full info, and to register. Please note we will have a slightly later start time of 7.30am, to allow everyone to travel from Nairobi. Pay attention to the directions below, as Google Maps will try and mislead you and you will end up in the middle of the Aberdares!

Scroll down the Starting Line for some other runs coming up in the next few weeks you might be interested in:

Swara Zoom Session! An Audience With…

This week we have a Swara Zoom session, consisting of An Audience With Dr Kiptolo Boit of Nextgen Fitness, on the theme ‘Runners- Fueling The Right Way For Optimal Performance’.

Wednesday January 25th, 2023, 7pm live on Zoom.

Link to join Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 820 6521 0923

Passcode: 119596

Kilimanjaro Marathon 2023

Please fill in the form here to if you would like us to collect your bib for you. All rooms are now full, and anyone who was in the list sent last week, please make payment asap to secure the room.

Form to fill: