Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 680 @ Valley Arcade, Kilimani

What a way to kick off the year! We had a superb run in Karen, and we welcomed a LOT of new guests and members. Why don’t you all spread the word and try and get more people involved in running? Bring a friend, a colleague or a neighbour along for a run (just make sure they know what they’re letting themselves in for)! Just forward them the info below so they can join us one Saturday, or ask them if they want to join our mailing list. All are welcome to the Swaras! See photo highlights from the run in the Starting Line:

Find the updated new member information and sign up form here, for aspiring members to get started here:

This week’s run: Valley Arcade, Kilimani

This Saturday, we’re running from Valley Arcade. This will be a majority town run, so speedsters, or people training for Kilimanjaro, it’s a great chance to get a long run in, with distances from 5km up to 30km.

See full details and link to register here:

Kilimanjaro Marathon 2023

The Kili Marathon 2023 is taking place on Sunday 26th February. This is a HUGE deal for the Nairobi running community, and usually sees hundreds of Kenyan runners cross the border to run. Register right away here: (registration closes in a month).

We as Urban Swaras try to help give everyone the best experience by helping to arrange transport and accommodation. To this end we have arranged the following (read carefully, the questions you have are all answered below)!:

  1. Transport by return shuttle with Impala Shuttle. Leaving Nairobi Saturday morning 6am from Parkside Hotel Monrovia Street. You will dropped at your hotel, if you are staying at a Swara Hotel. Return shuttle is 4,000ksh, or 2,000ksh one-way. Please make payment to Buy Goods Till Number 5360791 (Impala Shuttle) then call/text/Whatsapp +254 727 377 771 or +254 710 354 845 with your name, whether a single or return journey, indicating that you are with the Urban Swara Running Club, and desired dates of travel. Return travel options are Sunday afternoon (after the race) or Monday morning.
  2. Accommodation at Lutheran. We have been welcomed at Lutheran Uhuru Hostel, walking distance to the marathon start line, for many years. They offer single rooms at TSH 90,000 (Approx KSH 4,700) or double/twin rooms at TSH 130,000 for two (approx KSH 6,880) including breakfast each day and dinner on the Saturday evening. The accommodation is simple and comfortable, and there is no noisy bar to prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep! We have 20 rooms, which can each accommodate one or two people. Rooms will be given to members as first priority, and we strongly encourage sharing, to cut costs and also maximise the number of people we can fit. If these rooms fill up we will seek an alternative.
  3. Bibs will be collected in Moshi, and will be ready for collection at the Lutheran Uhuru Hotel from Saturday at the latest. You must provide your bib number in advance, so please provide it as you complete the form below.

Please fill in the form here to confirm your plans, and request your room (payment will be required once it is confirmed by return message to you, and only upon payment will it be booked). If you are looking for a roommate, please indicate so in the form. You will be contacted on the email address or Whatsapp you provide, to proceed to payment, so please keep an eye out in the coming days after you express interest)!

Form to fill as soon as possible (first come first served):

If you are NOT a current member you will be put on the waiting list for accommodation.