Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 663 @ VMX Fitness, Village Market

Dear Swaras, 

Mountain to Mountain truly was an epic, ultra, extraordinary, and breathtaking run! We had runners from across the region completing distances from 25km to 80km, and everything in between. For roughly 14 hours the roads and trails between Mount Kenya and the Aberdares were awash with laughing Swaras (and guests), and support vehicles chugging up and down the roads, doling out melons, chapati, sodas, and encouragement. We had so many personal distance records (people who ran their longest distance ever) and we had people who ran even after doing Comrades last week, and people sprinting downhill after already having run 50km, and people arriving in the area at midnight and starting an ultra at 4.30am…basically, we had everything, and I think I’m safe in saying everyone loved it (well, most of it 😉 )

See the amazing photo highlights here:

If you would still like to order a Mount Kenya Ultra t shirt or medal, please contact me before 5pm Tuesday 13th (Whatsapp +33615209676 or email

Find below some thank yous we shared on the Whatsapp group that also deserve to be shared here:

On behalf of the club’s CRE and officials I’d like to take a moment to congratulate all the many wonderful runners who enjoyed and punished themselves on this year’s Mt Kenya Ultra- Mountain to Mountain edition. The trails were alive with encouragement, laughs, personal achievement, and the runner’s high. 

Special thank you to:

Our Mt Kenya locals who hosted us for a sumptuous mbuzi dinner, muratina (never seen such a big jerrycan) and a welcoming after party- Wachira Nderitu, Sam Ndungu, Leo Kareko, Anthony, Kiai, James Ndiang’ui, Esther Ndungu, and friend of the club Sam Mwangi. 

The extraordinary coordination efforts of Wachira Nderitu and James Wahome for planning the route, the logistics and the accommodation.

Wanjohi, of the Mt Kenya Blazers, for attending with a marvellous group of Blazers.

Ajaa Olubayi, the club’s Chairman, who supported the runners throughout, and coordinated the support vehicles.

Timothy Guoko who came with us for the sole purpose of supporting runners and making sure we never went hungry or thirsty. 

Our beloved Trail Fox, Benja Chikani, who marked, supported, and photographed the living daylights out of us! 

Our treasurer Davis Munene, who even though he wasn’t there, paid all the bills promptly so that we didn’t get held for ransom

Everyone else who was involved in any way, we thank you!! If I’ve missed your name it please let me know! 

Feel free to thank these individuals in person, they truly deserve it. 

Happy recovery, everyone. 

This week’s run: hosted by VMX Fitness, Village Market

This week we are being hosted by the state-of-the-art, sprawling VMX Fitness, on the third floor of Village Market. They are generously hosting us for breakfast, which will be FREE for members. Guests will still be required to pay the 500ksh guest fees. We will be joined by members of VMX Fitness, and we will be offering distances from 5km to 25km. Full info and link to register in the Starting Line:

Naivasha Relay is around the corner

And then don’t forget, the Nairobi-Naivasha Relay is on the weekend of the 1st October! More info on registering for a team to come later this week. Before then we will be taking orders for NEW SWARA T SHIRTS so keep an eye out for that they will get snapped up quicker than you can run a mountain to mountain ultra!