Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 664 @ The Vineyard, Ridgeways

Dear Swaras,

Last Saturday we were hosted by the wonderful VMX Fitness in Village Market: we were joined by some of their members for our trail, that comprised some of the quiet roads of Runda, and some of the coffee plantations of Kiambu, for those on the longer distances! The lure of free breakfast brought a lot of Swaras out, and we are happy to announce, to those who missed the announcement in person, that VMX Fitness is offering all Swara members (with active membership) free access to their gym on the first and third Sundays of each month for a limited time (to be announced), so get down there next Sunday to make the most of it! Please ensure you leave your name at the reception, to be crosschecked with the active members list. If you are not an active member (fully paid up) you will be required to pay for your gym use. Find out more about VMX and their opening hours on their website:

Check out some awesome photo highlights in the Starting Line:

Please collect your Duka La Swara goodies or Mount Kenya Ultra goodies at the next run, or arrange for a pick-up ASAP (contact Claire on Whatsapp +33615209676 or Safaricom +254792745372) to arrange. There are a number of items yet to be collected. There are a few extra Mt Keya Ultra t shirts in medium size remaining, if anyone would like one!

This week’s run: The Vineyard, Ridgeways

This week we are running from The Vineyard, Ridgeways. It is the week before Naivasha Relay, so work on your sprints! More on that just below, keep on reading. Links to register for all of these in the Starting Line:

Naivasha Relay is around the corner – less than two weeks! Registration deadline tomorrow!!

Naivasha Relay registration is now open, so we are inviting all Swaras who want to be a part of one of the Swara teams for this event to register. 

To sign up to be in one of the Swara teams, fill in this form by Tuesday 20th September:

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