Urban Swaras Starting Line – big news(letter)

We may not have had a Swara run this weekend, due to the government restrictions to keep us all safe, but boy oh boy, I haven’t seen this much running going on since I rewatched Forrest Gump on a loop as a kid! Not only did we have national greats Hellen Obiri and Ruth Chepngetich smashing records and personal bests in Turkey, we also had Swaras running hills, marathons, and neighbourhoods all week, keeping fit, healthy, and active. Keep at it Swaras! Some highlights and things to look forward to in the Starting Line:

A couple more ideas of places you can run on your own and recreate your own personal Swara run:

  1. The legendary Kahara route starts from the foot of the Ngong Hills. Set your maps to the county offices, just past Ngong town, and you’ll find a dirt road stretching 13km to the tarmac on the other side, just short of Kona Baridi. Out and back is 26km, with enough elevation to have you panting and enough views to keep you occupied. You’re also bound to bump into some other recreational runners and maybe the occasional elite.
  2. Karura Forest. Not everybody knows this, but there are two sides to Karura Forest, and the lesser-known one is much quieter and much more stimulating in terms of the terrain. The Sigiria side has a number of marked loops, which you can combine to do any distance you like, and you’ll never run out of new things to see.
    More next week! Send in your ideas to the MC, by Whatsapp +33615209676 or email

Please note there will be no Saturday run or speedwork for the foreseeable future.


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