Urban Swaras Starting Line – Runs suspended until further notice – but don’t sit on ur-bum!

The new COVID containment measures came as a shock and disappointment to many, but it is in all of our best interests to do our bit to stay safe and keep others safe. So whilst we can’t have Swara runs, we encourage each and every one of you to keep running! There are plenty of places to run in the ‘one zoned area’, just look on Strava/Garmin/the Urban Swaras website and you’ll find some great routes to keep you busy. Please share your best pictures and anecdotes from your runs on Whatsapp and Facebook, so we can continue to encourage others and be buoyed by the Swara spirit. Here are some top ideas for the week:

Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary is a fantastic little gem on Ngong Road, near Dagoretti Corner, with marked trails from 5 to 20km. Entry is just 100ksh, and the guards are very friendly and welcoming to runners. We advise taking their number as you enter so you can call them in case of any questions or issues.

Karen Plains: this isn’t a venue as such, but the area around Karen Plains Road is ripe for exploring, and has wide (so great for social distancing) roads and is flat enough to feel like you’re on a track! You’re sure to see some other runners around this area.

Jaffery’s: this is a free-to-use track in Lavington, with nice cushiony surface and a 440m pre-measured circular track. We recommend going early morning to avoid the evening walkers. The end of the week is usually less busy.

More next week! Send in your ideas to the MC, by Whatsapp +33615209676 or email

Please note there will be no Saturday run or speedwork for the foreseeable future.

In the Starting line you’ll find a brand new Urban Swaras Run Safety Guide, which we have created to encourage every one of us to be aware of our safety, and that of others, when out for Swara runs, or any runs for that matter. Please read through and share any feedback you may have, or ideas for additions:

Check out the Starting Line for all of the above and more:

KeepRunning #RunningIsLiving