Urban Swaras Starting Line 12th April – Keep running

Happy new running week Swaras! I know that maybe these rains aren’t the most appetising of running conditions, but I have it on good authority that we don’t melt, nor do we start growing maize from the top of our heads, if we run under the rain. Strava, Garmin, and the roads are full of Swaras, and we want to see what you’ve been up to! Share your proudest running moment of the week on the Whatsapp group, or tag us on Facebook, so that we can keep encouraging each other to keep on running, despite having no group runs for the foreseeable future. Keep at it Swaras! A couple more ideas of places you can run on your own and recreate your own personal Swara run:

1. Arboretum: it may be a small loop inside the park, but it’s lovely if you want some shade and some trail, in a city full of tarmac. A small entry fee applies.

2. Elephant Hill: Yes, this is a bit of a drive, but it’s a fantastic hike, and if you’re brave enough, you can even run some of it. The return journey is around 17km, so doable in a few hours no matter your fast walking/jogging speed. Be sure to take a guide, so that you can follow the route, and not put a foot wrong. KWS fees apply. As always on hill/mountain trips, equip yourself well, and stay safe.

More next week! Send in your ideas to the MC, by Whatsapp +33615209676 or email

Please note there will be no Saturday run or speedwork for the foreseeable future.

Huge congratulations are in order, for our dear Treasurer, Ranu Waweru, who got married this weekend, with many Swaras watching the live stream and cheering the new couple on from afar (see the Starting Line for a snapshot). Congratulations Ranu and Lydia!

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BIG NEWS(LETTER)The Swara newsletter is back! That’s right folks, your editor has been hard at work bringing together the best running stories, creative work, and images for you, to bring you a tasty, juicy pdf that will have you licking your computer screen or phone screen (but please don’t, it’s not particularly hygienic…)Click here (…/1xigsjojfY5yLzirVp9taOW…/view) to read it now, make sure you set some time aside with a cup of tea and a biscuit to enjoy all the articles and awesome content. More on this and upcoming virtual events in the Starting Line: