Urban Swaras Starting Line 22nd June – Roaming & Running

Doctor, doctor, my nose is running and my feet smell, what’s wrong with me?
My dear, you’ve been made upside down.

Now that I’ve caught your attention, I think we can all agree that Swaras were NOT made upside down given all the running their feet have been doing. But we can’t say whether their feet smell or not, They also have ears that listen, as was proven by our Audience With…David Thuo on Wednesday, which almost broke Zoom and our maximum meeting capacity of 100 people! What a great session that was, so much knowledge to sap up, and such a generous, motivating speaker.

We always love to hear how these Wednesday online Swara sessions are helping people. This week we learned that Eugenie, our friendly francophone female Swara, has attended SEVEN of the Kundalini yoga sessions hosted by Lydia and her fellow yogi, following our Kundalini yoga session a few weeks ago. Eugenie says that she’s gaining huge amounts of flexibility, whilst also learning to relax, which can only ever be a good thing, especially for us runners! Elsewhere, Saxo has been trying out David Thuo’s lactic threshold theory, and pushing himself to his limits to find out what his different baselines are, as you’ll see from his Strava accounts. Any other stories to share? Send them in by email to, or Whatsapp +33615209676

In this week’s Starting Line we also have a write-up from our Trail Queen, Loice Mbogo, about an important project she’s been supporting on, don’t miss it! Link to the Starting Line:

Swara Show & Tell

We know you’ve been missing Show & Tell so we thought we’d bring you a brand new edition this week, this time with someone who also happens to be inviting you all for an epic running challenge starting NOW. Find out more as we tune in for Nyaruai Muhoro’s Show & Tell this Wednesday 24th June at 6pm. She’ll be exploring the theme Roaming & Running: making the most of your running trips, and we can trust her to have some fantastic insights, having traveledd to far-flung countries to take part in amazing marathons, but also dive into the sights and sounds of the local culture to get more bang for her buck.

All of this and more in the Starting Line: