Urban Swaras Starting Line 15th June – marathoner, mentor, motivator

As time continues to fly by, and race after race gets cancelled or postponed, the virtual runs get more and more daring and exciting. This weekend we had Swaras all over the place doing their own virtual Comrades, the legendary South African Ultra Marathon which makes many a seasoned runner quiver in their boots. But some Swaras didn’t just run…they ran their longest distance ever, and many even celebrated their birthdays with solo (or duo) adventures on the trail to mark the day. Well done to all of you! Even those that squeezed in a 5km or 10km or whatever time and circumstances permitted, it’s an achievement just to lace up and be active so kudos all of you! Find a full gallery of images and other highlights from the week including a new media appearance in the Starting Line:
An audience with…This week in An Audience With we have a well-known and well-loved figure in the Nairobi running scene. He has paced many of us, inspired and encouraged others, and made all of our jaws drop with his impressive running feats. It’s our pleasure to invite you to An Audience… With David Thuo, ardent marathoner, mentor and motivator, this Wednesday 17th June at 6pm.
Find this and more in this week’s Starting Line: