Urban Swaras Starting Line 12th October – Run 570 from Karen Primate Research Centre

After what feels like decades, this weekend saw the resumption of Swara club runs, and the look of tiredness and satisfaction on the faces of those who hit the trail for this first run back says it all! I’ve never seen people so eager to chase hills and hunt out the next white chalk arrow. What a trail it was! Waterfalls, rivers, some stepping stones that made more than a few of us wobble; it truly lived up to expectations! And it was amazing to see so many new faces, we hope to see you again soon!See the Starting Line for full details on this week’s run from the Karen Institute of Primate Research (housed within Oloolua Forest): note, there will be no Swara online session this week, but we will resume next week!Photos from the running week gone by, and full details on the Saturday 17th October Run from Karen Primate Research Centre in the Starting Line: