Urban Swaras Starting Line 5th October – BIG NEWS

A huge congratulations is in order for one of our own…Eliud! No, not the Eliud we all followed on TV, our own Eliud, Eliud Chemweno. He completed a 100-km all-bypasses ultra marathon this Sunday 5th October, but whilst many have completed or attempted this, Eliud completed it in a phenomenal time, and did so to raise money for needy young people, to offer financial relief for education. We also congratulate the host of Africa runners that dominated the 2020 elite-only London marathon, I know there were celebrations across Nairobi which many of you partook in! And for those who did their own virtual London Marathon from your backyards, congratulations! Have a cup of tea in true British style 🙂 Check out the Starting Line here:

Now we have some big news…Swara club runs are resuming! In line with the new national government guidelines, and with a view to adapting to the changing world around us, we will resume runs in a modified manner. Please find the Swara revised COVID protocol here and attached, and familiarise yourself with it. All protocols are for the health and wellbeing of all members, and the general public, so we ask you to strictly adhere to them. Please direct any questions to the club officials by email or Whatsapp ( More details on this week’s run in the Starting Line:

We will still be having our online session this Wednesday, and it’s a very special one! Women’s Power Hour will explore issues unique to female runners, and explore solutions to some of the most common problems, and outline how we all, men and women, can be allies to women in the pursuit of happy, health and safe running for female runners especially. We will have a number of members, men and women, sharing their personal experiences, and the conversation will be open for all to contribute and learn.

Join in the conversation on Wednesday 7th October at 6.15pm, with a short cerebral warm-up in the form of some Swara trivia with new quizmaster Ameet Shah!This week’s Starting Line with full details on this week run and how to register is here: