Urban Swaras An Audience With…

I know, I know, it seems like forever ago that we were last able to all run together. But any time you start to feel down, or start to really miss your Swara friends and Swara runs, just remember two things:

1. We’re still here! We’re hosting weekly Wednesday sessions to keep the Swara spirit very much alive, so join us, get together on Zoom, learn something new, ask some questions, and see some friendly faces
2. You are your own best cheerleader, and you can keep yourself motivated with some simple tools and tricks. If you don’t believe me, re-watch Greg Hart’s Show & Tell from last week around the theme of motivation:…/yvJ5Jpj760pOcoHg5GLeWIkARordaaa82…

Oh and one last little thing…remember that the reason we’re not meeting as we would all like to, and running as a group, is to do our bit towards preventing the spread of a lethal, global pandemic, and protecting those who perhaps aren’t as strong and fit as us Urban Swaras. We’re basically saving the world. So that should make you feel pretty good about yourself and your Monday blues 🙂

An Audience With…

I’m delighted to announce that for this week’s Wednesday session we have An Audience With…Dr Hamisi, top chiropractor, and fascial manipulation specialist. I almost guarantee we’ve all had ailments that Dr Hamisi has seen and treated dozens, if not hundreds of times, and he’ll be talking to us about how best to prevent and treat injuries that prevent our backs and bones from working hard for us. Tune in this Wednesday at 6pm on Zoom!

Full info in this week’s Starting line: