Urban Swaras 13th July – An Audience with…VIP edition

We love it when a Swara runs their age. But we especially love it when many Swaras run someone’s age to help them celebrate, especially in these new, socially distanced times! So well done to all who ran with Sam Mugoya aka SMD Fly (our inaugural Show-er and Tell-er) for his age after his call to action. Though we’re pretty sure he’s actually 21 and just wanted to push us 😉

Meanwhile the rest of us were getting back in touch with nature, with Amanda’s official #RunWild challenge, which has so brought us buffalo on Mount Kenya, illegally smuggled ladybirds, and some truly cheeky monkeys, as well as an American Urban Swara…a real one, not the human one we all know about! Keep them coming, the #RunWild challenge is open until Thursday evening! Check out the photos and more on the challenge in the Starting Line:

An Audience With…
I do love a good build-up. As you’ve seen week in week out on our Swara Zoom sessions, I like to build tension, and heap praise on our guest of the week but in this case I really don’t need to. This week, we have An Audience With…oh who am I kidding, I can’t resist a good build-up.

This formidable lady holds many a world record, has run for the Netherlands competing in not one, not two, but THREE Olympic Games, dominating both road and cross-country running. She is also an accomplished sports entrepreneur, with a high-quality, on-demand sportswear company and a High Altitude Training Camp drawing aspiring runners from across the world.

That’s right, dear Swaras, this week we have An Audience With…Lornah Kiplagat. Tune in this Wednesday 15th July at 6pm on Zoom.
Full details in the Starting Line: