You Are Invited to the Urban Swaras Recreational Runners Gala Dinner

It is our great honour, as the Official, CRE, and organising committee, to formally invite you to the first ever Swara Gala! 
This sophisticated and celebratory event will be held on Saturday 5th November from 6pm, at Emara Ole Sereni. The occasion will be marked with a three-course dinner, medals, dancing, special (very VERY special guests), awards, and making merry until late!

Swara Gala.jpeg

Tickets cost 3,500ksh, and cover all of the above. The event is open to all members of the recreational running community and their guests, and in fact we invite members of other running or sports clubs to join us in a special event of running solidarity and celebration, so please do invite your friends and loved ones. Mileage medals will be awarded for those who register early on the link below.
Please book your tickets using this link, pick your outfit, and practice your dance moves and award acceptance speech, the Gala is around the corner! Booking link: