Urban Swaras Starting Line run 666 @ Kaguku Market, Muranga

Is it a coincidence that Nairobi and Naivasha both start with a ‘Nai’? So it’s logical that a few dozen runners would run from one to the other, right?! Well, that’s what happened this weekend, and a stellar crew of Swaras represented the club! Give it up for Jeniffer, Reuben, Chirie, Elvis, Isaac, Moses, Sam, Richard, Katherine, Shem, and Oricho, you all rocked that trail! Apparently we won some prizes, for most sober team, and for best team. I will let you decide which of those two statements is true 😉 In my eyes though, each of them is a winner! Give it up for team USRC! See some photo highlights here:

Please collect your Duka La Swara goodies or Mount Kenya Ultra goodies at the next run, or arrange for a pick-up (contact Claire on Whatsapp +33615209676 or Safaricom +254792745372) to arrange. There are a number of items yet to be collected. There are a few Mt Keya Ultra t shirts in medium size remaining, if anyone would like one! The new club t shirts are also for sale, pick one up at the next run.

This week’s run: Kaguku Market, Murang’a.

Get your legs ready for one of the toughest Swara runs on the calendar! This run is scouted and marked by our Chairman, Ajaa Olubayi. You know what that means: scenery, hills, 100% trail, and fun on fun! Distances up to approximately 41km! Please note the slightly later start date of 8am, to allow travel time from Nairobi. Bring your trail shoes, caps, sun cream, and hydrate well! Full info and link to register here:

Stan Chart 2022

Early bird registration is open for Stan Chart 2022! Registration link exclusively for Swaras here (it will sign you up as part of the Urban Swaras team):

Inaugural Swara Gala – save the date!

For the first time, the Urban Swaras Running Club is inviting you to a Swara Gala! A sophisticated, celebratory, evening event, bringing together club members, other members of the Nairobi Recreational Running community, and some special guests. Keep an eye out for ticket sales, but for now, be sure to save the date, Saturday 5th November! If interested in sponsoring the event, as an individual or company, please reach out to the MC ( The planning committee is working overtime to put on a most spectacular event 🙂 Full info and registration coming to your inbox tomorrow.

Swara Gala.jpeg