Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 637 @ Run2Gether Camp, Longonot

A wonderful trail was enjoyed by all in Kikuyu this past weekend, thanks to everyone for bringing out their best running spirit. We also had the Red Bull Crew on site hyping us up for their big run next month – see the Starting Line for how to register for this, and also find some other exciting runs coming up in the next couple of months that you can already register for and start getting excited for! See the Starting Line here:

If you ever have suggestions for new trails, venues, or routes, reach out to the Swara committee! You can email us on

Next week’s run

Next Saturday, 19th March, we are having the much anticipated Run2Gether Training Camp run, in Longonot. Dennis Lopua, professional runner and Swara, trains here, and we try to run there once a year, and invite all Swaras and camp members for a slap-up breakfast! We also invite you all to bring slightly used but still wearable running gear (shoes, jackets, running clothes, etc.) for donation to runners with meagre means, or members of the community. There will be distances from 10 all the way up to 35km, and 110% of it will be trail, and a fair bit of it will be unflat (See how I’m trying to avoid the word hills…?) 😉 Get full details and register here:

Club Calendar

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This brand new calendar goes for 500ksh, and you can pick up one, two, or as many as you like for yourself and your running buddies.

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