Urban Swaras Starting Line run 618 @Berra Hotel, Ngong

Where to start!? So much happened this weekend! First up we had the Swara virtual Stan Chart run, where we had yellow t shirts invading the Southern Bypass the day before the official marathon. We had people covering distances from 5km to 42km, and with great support from our Trail Queen and Trail Fox, on hand with water and fruits. Well done to all of you! A congratulatory message from Joyce Kibe, Swara member and Head of Corporate Affairs at Standard Charted Bank topped things off, and it was such a pleasure to see so many Swaras filling the Simba Saloon at Carnivore on a grey Saturday morning. See some photo highlights in the Starting Line:

Next it was on to the Sunday Stan Chart physical Marathon. Almost 70 Swaras were representing the club in 10km, 21km, 42km, and relay disciplines, and everyone went into it with a smiley, excited disposition. Little did we know that we would set the tarmac on fire with PBs across the distances, smashing relay teams coming top 10, unbounded support to other runners, from both the runners and from our amazing support team who did a fantastic job handing out supplies and cheering on ALL runners, not just Swaras! I know I speak for us all when I say it was a weekend that made me proud to be a Swara! See some photo highlights in the Starting Line:

Congratulations to all who ran – no matter what your time or your outcome, so long as you did yourself proud and you are still excited about running, that is a win in my books! If you have a story to tell, about this marathon, or any of your training runs, exciting marathons of yesteryear, or running experiences, you can reach out to the Swara newsletter editor at any time:

Now on to next week’s run!

We will be running from Berra Hotel in Ngong this coming Saturday, venturing into Kimuka, and so there will be guaranteed trail and hills, just how we like them 🙂 Please note, will be avoiding any forested areas or areas that are known to be of high risk. See Starting Line for details and to register:

Also, we can start getting excited about the club AGM coming up in just a few weeks! Look out for a separate communication on that hitting your inboxes soon.