Urban Swaras Starting Line run 616 @ Hope Centre, Hardy

I can say everyone who ran on Saturday had a fantastic time, and enjoyed the Kabete hills and trails. A whole band of brothers from that area, who thought they knew every twist and turn, were astonished to discover routes they never knew about. There was also a stellar Swara contingency at the Run Beyond/Team Jasho/Friends of Karura Forest Karura run on the same day, some of those photos in the Starting Line (borrowed from the organisers): news about Stan Chart physical marathon! The qualifying times have been relaxed, so find the new qualifying times in the image attached. If you now qualify and would like to apply, please do not contact Stan Chart directly, but fill in the Swara Stan Chart form here ( ) by Wednesday 20th October and make your payment at the same time as registering, following the payment details below. All those who have registered already and have not yet paid you must pay by Wednesday 20th October also, or your registration will be cancelled. Ohlala! For all those registered for the physical Stan Chart marathon through the Urban Swaras, you may now pay your 1,000ksh registration fee to StanChart: Paybill number: 329329 Account number: 0102802238400, then forward the message on to Claire (+33615209676).For those doing the physical marathon, a reminder that you must either have at least your first vaccine or a negative COVID test.We encourage all of you who are not doing the physical run to sign up for the virtual run, you still get your t shirt and medal, and Swaras will be hosting our very own Stan Chart marathon on the actual marathon route, starting at VIP venue Carnivore, on Saturday 30th October for those registered for the virtual run to clock their distance and celebrate together! Link to the virtual run registration here: Saturday we are running from Hope Centre in Hardy, the last Swara run before the big marathon weekend! The maximum distance will be 25km, with 95% tarmac surface, a great warm up for the weekend after, starting at 7am! Full details and link to register, by Thursday, in the Starting Line: Please note this is a change from the original calendar.Also, remember we are also on Instagram, so follow us there and tag us on your runs!