Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 586 @Matasia Loop, Ngong County Offices

This past weekend we had some surreal sights: the run appears to have been flagged off by a four-legged bovine as opposed to a yellow t-shirt wearing biped, and there were sightings of Swaras wading through water longer than was necessary to cross the river, in search of a mobile phone in its depths. All this because of the love of running!! Thank you all for sharing your photos and experiences, they’re priceless! Plenty of photo highlights in the Starting Line:

A huge congratulations to one of our club legends and (young) veterans, Cheruiyot (of Show & Tell fame, and author of ‘An Ultramarathon Story’), who completed the Salomon Mount Kenya three routes challenge comfortably under the gruelling 24 hour goal. His strength, determination and absolute sportsman spirit has inspired many of us, so let’s all give him a big cheer for his incredible feat! Huge well done to Victor Kamau, an ultramarathon and sky running pioneer, who also took part in the challenge, and though he had to pull out because he was unwell, he completed two routes in an amazing time, and he has inspired many to follow in his footsteps through his understated extraordinariness. Three cheers to them!

This weekend we’re going to Ngong County Offices for a splendidly loopy run, with distances from 5km to 35km. Full details below. Bring a friend, bring yourself, and be sure to bring your trail running shoes!

Full details and registration link in the Starting Line: