Urban Swaras Starting Line 9th November 2020

‘Hekima’ in Swahili means wisdom (so I hear), and so if mud and hills and tripping and rolling equates to wisdom, then I think we’re now as wise as the world itself after last Saturday’s Hekima Education Centre run! The rains held off and we turned out in our masses for a fantastic run. Catch the photos in the Starting Line:

Once again, on behalf of the entre Swara committee and membership, thank you all for respecting the Swara COVID protocols to keep our runs safe, fun, and interesting. Also, a big thank you to all for cooperating on our new water rules. As we attempt to take every necessary precaution to prevent the spread of the virus by phasing out disposable water bottles on the trail, we’re also going a long way to reducing our environmental impact, and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation on this. Moving forward we will continue to provide water at the start and finish line, but bring your reusable bottle/hydration pack if you need water on the trail. Thank you!

This week’s run will be from Hunger’s Nest Bar and Restaurant (formerly known as Firepit) on Forest Edge Road, in Langata, just near Galleria Mall. Flagging off from 6.45am to 7.30am, cut-off time for club support or presence 12pm.

Register for the run here: details and a ton of photos from last week’s run in this week’s Starting Line: