Urban Swaras Starting Line 7th September – Swara Show & Tell #7

Hands up who went running this Monday morning? My hand is so far down I’m going to have to dig it back up from where it’s been hibernating underground. My hats to all of you who still hit the cold, grey, rainy streets this morning, that takes true grit and determination! A wise woman once told me that your body also needs rest, so remember to treat your body to as much love as necessary so that it keeps working for you and doesn’t turn against you! 

Speaking of giving your body love, your feet are one of the most important parts of your body, as runners, and last week George Parkes of Run Beyond gave us some evidence-backed pointers on how best to treat your feet with respect, by being conscious about our footwear choices. Don’t forget, all members of Nairobi running clubs get a tasty 10% off all running shoes at Run Beyond, and they also do home delivery for any last-minute orders, or if you’re stuck at home/in the office. Check them out here.

This week we’re hearing from the smiliest runner I know, and one that has achieved some crazy feats that would reduce even the hardiest of runners to crumbs, but he takes it all in his stride. Tune in Wednesday 9th September at 6.15pm to hear Show & Tell with Peter Muia.

You can also look forward to another cerebral warm-up led by Davis Munene, so come on time with your thinking caps on.

Full info in this week’s Starting Line: