Urban Swaras Starting Line 31st August – Not just running, but beyond…

If 2020 were a weather it would be a hurricane. With winds and rain that tear up everything in its path. But little did we know that when Swaras say they run come rain or shine, we really meant it. As the year passes us by, members of this club manage to find renewed stores of energy to accomplish great things and show that where there’s a will, there’s a way! From birthday runs, to never-ending hill runs in the Rift Valley, and mountains and PBs, we’ve had it all this past week! And we heard from heroic Swara pioneer, Sarah Wawa on Wednesday’s Show & Tell…could she have inspired us to go and knock it out of the park this week? Either way, congratulations to everyone! Find a whole bunch of FOMO-inducing photo highlights in the Starting Line:

For those of you that are lacking energy or inspiration, don’t sweat it. Do what you can and be proud of every little achievement. Running is the most personal of sports…you can do it on your own, you can take it at your own pace, and you answer only to yourself. So keep running, and whatever you do, enjoy it and stay safe.

This week we’re hearing from someone who has done more for Nairobi’s running community than most, and in pursuing his game-changing business venture in Kenya’s capital he’s also broken down barriers between running clubs, and helped introduce many people to the Kenyan running scene through coaching and equipment.

So don’t miss An Audience with George Parkes, founder of Run Beyond!

This Wednesday 2nd September at the slightly earlier time of 6.15pm (talk starts at 6.30pm).

We will have something new to titillate you, courtesy of veteran Swara (that doesn’t mean old 😉 )Davis Munene…so be sure to tune in at the earlier time of 6.15pm for something a little special!

Full details in this week’s Starting Line:

Don’t just run from A to B…#RunBeyond