Voi Ultra Run

Strap on your running shoes and mark your calendars for the ultimate test of grit and endurance – the Voi Ultra Run is sprinting your way on June 1st, 2024! ???

Location: Africa Lodges, Voi, Taita Taveta :

This isn’t just any run; it’s a tribute to the indomitable spirit of our running tribe and a salute to our beloved patron Wahome. It’s time to conquer the trails he cherished, with distances that challenge every muscle in your body – choose from 15, 25, 35, 45 km (7am start) or go the extra mile with the 62 km ultra (5am start). And guess what? No guest fees– because we’re all about that run, no fuss! ???

Prep your legs with a 5km or 10km shakeout run on May 31st, and after the main event, take a leisurely 10km ‘Scent of the Swara’ recovery run through Voi Town on June 2nd. ?????

Let’s gather at 7pm on Saturday for a dinner in honor of Wahome – bring your best stories and a hearty appetite! ????

Please register here:

Travel tip: Book your SGR tickets pronto, as there’s no group transport this time. For a comfy stay, dial up *Afrika Lodges at +254714423591 or drop an email to – rooms are going faster than a sprinter on the final stretch!

For Hotel booking contact *Afrika Lodges on +254714423591 or

Standard rms (single occupancy) BB- 2,500/=, HB- 4,000/=, FB- 5,500/=
Standard rms (double occupancy) BB- 3,500/=, HB-6,500/=, FB- 9,500/=
Deluxe rms (single occupancy) BB- 4,000/=, HB- 5,500/=, FB- 7,000/=
Deluxe rms (double occupancy) BB- 5,000/=, HB- 8,000/=, FB- 11,000/=


And for those not staying at the hotel, Afrika Lodges has got your breakfast covered, with full and mini options to fuel your run. Full breakfast sh. 1,200 mini breakfast sh. 700 respectively.??

Ready to blaze the trails and create memories that will last longer than the soreness in your calves?