USRC 9th March, 2024. Run 739 @ Levilla Gardens Resort & Spa– Kikuyu

Dear Swaras,

Last Saturday the run & celebration with family members went down well and so did some Jenga and Bomoa games that had too many architects building crookedly to successfully topple the efforts!

This Saturday we are in collabo mode ??? and we will be partnering with another running club – Swamp Runners based in Kikuyu to give you scenic trails in their territory.

Location: Levilla Gardens Resort. See Google Maps

Distances: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 km
Run Terrain Approx . 50%Trail

Buffet Breakfast @ Ksh.550: see menu- Tea /Hot water & Milk, Mandazi, Ngwaci, 2 sausages, Boiled egg, Fruit cuts (water melon, pineapple)

Showers available, swimming @ ksh.350- Carry your change of clothes
Run Captains Joseph Masika and Jimnah Njoroge(Swamp Runners)

Registration Required Click link to register

Run will be flagged off at 7 A.M

Link will be closed on Thursday @ 5PM

New Members: Please share this link with your friends who would like to join our club

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For enquiries you can:

Contact: Club Secretary

Susan Okoma

Urban Swaras Running Club, Nairobi, Kenya