Urban Swaras Starting Line run

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? If there is, then this weekend was it! A trail through the Tigoni tea plantations, fundraising for Shoe4Africa children’s cancer charity, and celebrating Avani Patel’s (aka The General’s) 50th birthday with cake and festivities under the Tigoni sunshine. Phew! I hope you’ve all recovered‚Ķbecause there’s more to come! See the Starting Line for some photo highlights:

This Saturday we will be running from a very special and very new venue. One of our own members, Duncan Mwololo, will be welcoming us to his home, in Mua Hilla, Machakos, for a trail run to beat all trail runs. See the Starting Line for full information, and of course you will want to register right away. Please note the run will start at 7.30am to allow everyone to travel from Nairobi and reach the run on time. Link to Starting Line:

Then there’s still more to look forward to! This Wednesday we are bringing back our ‘Show & Tell’ / ‘An Audience With‚Ķ’ Zoom sessions, and this Wednesday it will be with ‘An Audience With Dedan Miricho’, runner, running coach, and legend on the Nairobi recreational running scene. Look out for the link, coming tomorrow. Wednesday 7pm, live on Zoom, be there or be a running square!

If you’ve not done so yet, book out the weekend of the 30th April, because we have a fantastic new run (which has just been freshly scouted and boy oh boy are the CRE excited about it) in none other than Kericho! We will be sharing more info about accommodation and travel options soon.