Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 715 @ Spring Valley Coffee Roastery, Springette Office Park, Lower Kabete

Dear Swaras, 

The weather wasn’t on our side last weekend (unless you like drizzle and grey skies, which some of you probably do), but the former Firepit (now Qmins) provided an actual fire to warm up around! We hope you all enjoyed the run and you will find a wide selection of photo highlights in the Starting Line to enjoy: I hope you’re all getting excited for the many runs coming up! Check out the Starting Line to find out more, but we have the Mount Kenya Ultra coming up, the Naivasha Relay, and Stan Chart – a jam packed next couple of months:

This week’s run – Spring Valley Coffee, Springette Office Park, Lower Kabete

This week we’re running from Spring Valley Coffee Roastery at Springette Business Park, Lower Kabete (not the Spring Valley petrol station location) with a majority tarmac run. Distances of 10, 15, 20, and 25km will be available! Always be cautious of traffic, and look out for your own safety, and the safety of your fellow runners. See the Starting Line for full details and to register:

Upcoming runs

Mt Kenya Ultra

Time is ticking, and the Mount Kenya Ultra Marathon (Mountain to Mountain) is almost upon us! Registration is now open, and this year it will be BIG! We are partnering with Nyeri County, and have got interest from running clubs outside of Kenya, and from many recreational runners. So be sure to book out your weekend of 23rd September for this unmissable run. You can already register for the Ultra here:

Naivasha Relay

This a legendary, epic, and unmissable run, taking you on a relay trail run in teams of 9, across more than 90km from Nairobi all the way to Naivasha! Organised every year by the Nairobi Hash House Harriers, we are opening up to members of the Swaras to be part of the Swara team(s). Reach out on if you’re interested. There will be a team fee, and fees for transport and food and accommodation, so this is not a normal run (though of course it will be subsidised by the club). The relay will take up the weekend of the 8th October 2023.

Stan Chart

Registration is already open for the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon, happening on Sunday 29th October, and you can register using the exclusive Swara link here: