Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 709 @ Villa Park Springs, Wangige

Dear Swaras,

We had a fantastic run with almost all of Nairobi’s running clubs, and the broader recreational running community, spearheaded by Run Beyond. Thanks to all who showed up, and thank you to Run Beyond/Garmin for sponsoring parking and breakfast for everyone! See some photo highlights in the Starting Line:

This week’s run – Villa Park Springs, Wangige

This week we’re running just within Nairobi, but there will still be some great trails, so we get some variety after last week’s tarmac run. There will be distances of 10 to 30km. Be sure to register and not miss out on this run. And as always, do not litter. Ever 🙂 See Starting Line for full details and to register:

Upcoming runs

As you may have heard on the running grapevine, the Mount Kenya Ultra Marathon (Mountain to Mountain) is coming in just over two months, which will come sooner than we think! Registration will be opening this week, and this year it will be BIG! We are partnering with Nyeri County, and have got interest from running clubs outside of Kenya, and from many recreational runners. So be sure to book out your weekend of 23rd September for this unmissable run. You can already register for the Ultra here:

Registration is already open for the Standard Chartered Nairobi, happening on Sunday 29th October, and you can register using the exclusive Swara link here: