Urban Swaras Starting line run 608 @Impala Club

Dear Swaras,
And just like that Voi Ultra Run 2021 has been and gone! And what a weekend it was. We had so many Swaras doing their longest distances ever, pushing themselves, or just enjoying the beautiful sights and the sweltering heat. Thank you to all who attended, and those who organised, for putting on a great event that was enjoyed by all! Below you’ll find a few short accounts of how it was: (and photos in the Starting Line:

“Did anyone notice signs “yesu anwaweza” and “Canaan”? These were signs of hope for some of us mortal beings. If you missed these signs, you were too fast?. I can tick this run as one of the toughest runs in the Swara calendar. If you are among the many who completed the run either by walking or crawling give yourself a pat on the back. To all those who participated in this run, the camaraderie and your cheers kept me going even when my mind was telling me I’m not making any progress. THANK YOU!! To the team that scouted the route, your time and effort in putting together a well-coordinated and scenic route are invaluable. Benja, continue with the good work, keep feeding us with the well-prepared meals in form of hills -“What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”. Claire Baker and Ranu Waweru we appreciate the communication and timely feedback on the event. The info shared was professional and well-executed. Thank you James Wahome and the entire team at Afrika lodges for hosting us. I appreciate the hospitality accorded. Matters support, this is not easy, for those who have not tried it, I challenge you to do it. I call it “giving back” to what you receive while running. Supporting the many of us who ran over the long-distance must have been challenging. We had some lapses, however, I try to view it positively. As a runner, the human body quickly learns to adapt and look for ways to survive. I recall at one point I needed water so badly only for hope to come in form of a church where there were these huge tanks with plenty of rainwater. The most memorable support episode was the heavenly melons and mandazi that arrived in the nick of time. To all those who played a role in support Ranu Waweru Loice Mbogo and Ajaa Olubayi and all those I’ve not mentioned, Asante Sana!! Thank you all for those have shared the lovely pics. Looking forward to another great outing.” Davis Munene

“Thank you CRE n the entire team for making my weekend at Voi ultra run memorable…I had never done over 30kms at swara…but this ultra made me physically and mentally fit.i couldn’t believe I will finish the run.Thank you Ranu for encouraging me along the route.” Gilbert Asamba

This coming Saturday we are giving our poor hill legs a break, and having a mostly urban run from Impala Club, on Ngong Road. Find full details of the run in the Starting Line:

Please remember our COVID protocols and safety guidelines are just as important as ever. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

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