Urban Swaras 5th May @ Show & Tell 2

The solidarity and resilience of Swaras never ceases to amaze me (and thankfully inspire me to more thoughtful and resilient myself)! This week saw dozens of Swaras clocking 25km and upwards in honour of our former patron’s (MK/Surinder’s) dearly departed wife, who went to rest just one year ago. An incredible show of solidarity, so a warm thank you to all who took part in this informal homage.

On Wednesday we had the first Swara Show & Tell, which was a resounding success, and we are announcing our second edition just below 🙂

Also this week, the final masks from the Maskforce campaign were distributed, bringing the total to 2,160 masks, thanks to all of YOU, so a huge thank you once again! These went to frontline health workers at Tigoni Health Centre, Ngara Health Centre, and Langata Women’s Prison Dispensary. Hats off to Greg Hart and Loice Mbogo and Ranu Waweru, CRE and committee members who were so instrumental in leading this project.

More Swara news in this week’s Starting Line:

Swara Show & Tell #2

This week we will be hearing from the sparkliest, most colourful, and most likely our furthest away Swara right now, Amanda Scoville! She’ll be ‘zooming’ in from the United States to tell us about her running journey, which has not been without obstacles, and which personifies the solidarity and resilience I mentioned above. Tune in Wednesday 29th April at 6.30pm (note the slightly later time), using the details below.

Link to join:

Password: 202617

(Alternatively open zoom and use meeting ID Meeting ID: 882-2847-9971 Password: 202617

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