Urban Swaras 25th April @ Show & Tell

Dear Swaras,
The rains are here! Forgive the note of celebration, but rain is necessary for so many things, and also presents us with new challenges as runners, like ‘not falling in puddles’, ‘cleaning shoes every day and scraping mud off the bottom of our once-shiny new trainers’, and finally ‘not complaining or making excuses’. You’ve gotta love challenges like that.

Check out some photo highlights from runs and Duka La Swara deliveries in this week’s Starting Line:

And now for something completely new:

Swara Show & Tell

We are launching Swara Show & Tell this week, where we dive into the homes, hearts and history of some of our favourite Swaras. First up, this Wednesday 22nd April, we’re hearing from Sam, aka SMD Fly, and you do not want to miss this. Just trust me. The Show & Tell will be online (of course) so install zoom, and join us using this link, at 5pm on Wednesday:…
(Alternatively open zoom and use meeting ID Meeting ID: 839 7128 4241 Password: 186192

You can join from your phone or laptop, just ensure you have a stable internet connection. If you have any issues joining, please contact me on Whatsapp +33615209676

We will be there waiting to see and hear Sam’s story, and then have a Swara get-together online! Feel free to bring a cuppa or a glass of whatever takes your fancy to sip as we listen 🙂 No judgement!