Urban Swaras Kundalini Yoga session

After three amazing editions of Swara Show & Tell, for which we want to thank Sam Mugoya, Amanda Scoville, and Cheruiyot, we now bring you something altogether different:


Google it if you have to, or just show up this Wednesday 13th May at 6.30pm for a Kundalini Yoga session led by Lydia Limbe, a Swara runner and yogi, also known as Onkar Sangeeta in the Kundalini Yoga world.

This is a must-try. As runners we often get carried away with pounding the tarmac, sometimes neglecting our core, our strength, and the energies that we all have within us that sometimes do us good and sometimes don’t! This extraordinary yoga session will help to strengthen your core and take your mind and your body to new levels.

This really is unmissable. Lydia is an experienced yogi, who has been leading classes on Zoom since the confinement period started. Some important tips below before you log on Wednesday 13th at 6.30pm for the session can be found in this week’s Starting Line:

Link to join: 948248

(Alternatively open zoom and use meeting ID Meeting ID: 881 9671 1980 Password: 948248)
And this week’s Starting Line with some photos and snippets of what Swaras have been up to: