Urban Swaras 28th March @ DIY run!

There are only a few words on everyone’s lips these days, but because this is a Running Club, I won’t even mention them, and instead concentrate on the amount of solo, small-group, and inspirational, motivational running that has been going on across Nairobi this weekend! Talk about #RunningIsLiving. Even those who aren’t leaving the house, and respecting all official guidelines (myself included) managed to get some healthy kilometres in. Whether it was a brief jog around the compound, or a private ultra from one town to the other, we applaud you all! The Swara spirit was abound, and you can’t help but feel hopeful in the face of such togetherness. Please, please, keep sharing your runs and personal successes. If you’re not yet on the Whatsapp group, just send me an email ( or Whatsapp (+33615209676 and I’ll make sure you’re added.

Thanks to all who shared their selfies, routes and breakfast snaps! Do keep them coming, and keep encouraging each other with challenges and cheers.

As always, please do listen to the advice and instructions given about maintaining your own safety and the safety of others. We will be back to our normal Saturday Swara runs soon, but in the meantime, let’s all do our bit!

See some of the selfie highlights in this week’s Starting Line: