Urban Swaras 8th February @ Shade Lounge, Mwimuto

Dear Swaras, 

Any self-respecting person waking up at 5.30am on a Saturday morning to a downpour would stay in bed and turn around for a few more hours of kip. But not a Swara! Despite the heavy rains, a bevvy of veteran Swaras and new runners alike flocked to Tigoni for what was, admittedly, a spectacular run.

Despite some mild slippy-sliding, the mood was euphoric, and people saw some stunning scenery. Special thanks were given to Masika, and to Benja, our Trail Fox, for doing a stellar job on support and marking despite the heavens not being on our side. Thanks to all who came, and made this Saturday run such a success.

Next week’s run

This run consistently ranks high on the ‘favourite run venue’ of Swaras when asked to cite their favourites. And you ask for trail, we give you trail! Once again, this is a run where breakfast is up to you, but we ask you to register to help us to plan everything just so for you all 🙂 We hope you’re pushing yourself, or doing yourself proud in whatever way feels right for you, and so we’re giving you some nice long runs, with this one going up to 35km, but also a 5km for beginners who are just learning how much they love running!

Date: Saturday 8th February 7am

Venue: Shade Lounge, Getathuru Road, Mwimuto

Distance: 5, 10,15, 20, 30, and 35km.

Run type: majority trail, and plenty of up and down!

Breakfast: Breakfast is to be taken at your leisure at the restaurant, where you pay for what you consume.

Google Maps link to the venue:

Registration: Registration is required, please fill out your details here:

Guests: As always, guest fees of 500ksh apply. Please share the following link with anyone interested in joining the club for the first time:

A huge thank you to everyone who’s been sharing their photos! On every Starting Line you’ll find a selection of the bunch, as well as news on upcoming runs across the country, Treasurer’s Corner, and special news (this week we’re asking YOU for charitable causes you want the club to support). Don’t miss out!