Urban Swaras You Are What You Eat

When we asked you to share photos of your runs, we didn’t expect to be flooded with picturesque and awe-inspiring vistas from across Kenya! We clearly have some amateur photographers amongst our membership. Keep it up!

I hope many of you caught some of our Swara members live on Metropol TV’s sports show, if not here is the link to see a sea of yellow praising and honouring our club, and talking about how members are still keeping fit and active in times of Corona and solo running:

This weekend also marked the NNRunning Team and Maurten-sponsored MA RA TH ON (a clever play on words), entailing teams of four runners ANYWHERE in the world running a marathon, made up of four individual best efforts of 10.5km, recorded on Strava. From the teams we saw, and the times we saw, it was fun and solidarity that reigned, with some amazing PBs, and some fantastic team make-ups, with a lot of gender diversity and mixed abilities. We’ll definitely let you know of any upcoming challenges of a similar vein, and well done to all who took part!

Duka La Swara

The Duka La Swara is open until the end of today, and we’ve had a rush of last minute orders already, just be sure to get yours in by midnight tonight! Details and order form in the Starting Line:

An audience with…

We all know the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ So should we all be eating runner beans? If we want to slow down our heart rate should we eat fewer ‘pulses’? Does fast food make you faster? This week we invite you to an Audience With Clara Masinde, Wellness Coach and Co-founder of the Wellness Project, who will be talking about all things nutrition, fat loss, and wellness. Bring your questions, I know there will be many!

Link to join:

Password: 780373

(Alternatively open zoom and use meeting ID Meeting ID: 848 1974 5582 Password:  433322)

You can join from your phone or laptop, just ensure you have a stable internet connection. If you have any issues joining, please contact me on Whatsapp +33615209676

Also feel free to invite your running friends and aspiring runners!