Urban Swaras Starting Line run 676 @ Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary

Last Saturday (seems like so long ago, what with the long weekend) we were running in Kiambu, with the Ecogreen run. Well done to all who planted trees and helped to re-green our country! We also co-hosted a Jamhuri Day Run for Avani and Niraj. Thank you to all who supported them. If you would still like to support them financially in their pursuit of justice and rebuilding their family home, you may do so using the following dedicated Paybill line set up by a friend of Avani and Niraj: Paybill number 8051878, Account: your name. Find some photo highlights in the Starting Line:

Find the updated new member information and sign up form here, for aspiring members to sign up:

This week’s run: Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary

This Saturday 17th December we will be in Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary. If you’ve not yet discovered this sanctuary in the middle of the city, what are you waiting for?! There are marked trails all year round, but we will be adding extra Swara marks to ensure noone gets lost. There will be distances of 5, 10, 15, and 21km. Find full info and the link to sign up here: