Urban Swaras Starting Line run 675 @ Lynton Farm Eco Green Run, Kiambu

Dear Swaras,

This weekend we had our AGM and a run from West Wood Hotel. We had a fantastic turnout and a great road run around Westlands/Parklands/Spring Valley (what felt like half of Nairobi)! You will find the AGM minutes included herein for your perusal. The main takeaways: membership will be increased by 100ksh a month, i.e. 300ksh a quarter. This means instead of 1,500ksh per quarter, it will be 1,800ksh per quarter. Find the updated new member information and sign up form here, for aspiring members to sign: See some photo highlights in the Starting Line and the AGM minutes attached:

This week’s run: Lynton Farm Eco green Run

This week we are hosted by Eco Green for the Lynton Farm Eco green run. Savor the lush tea/coffee fields of Kiambu as we run in an effort to conserve and sustain the ecosystem and usher in the festive season! We will be running from Settler’s View resort, with distances of 10 to 30km. The run is free for members, but guests are encouraged to pay the 1,000ksh registration fee inclusive of breakfast and other treats. Breakfast is available to those who wish to, for 500ksh payable in advance to Wilson 0722724032 . Anyone can contribute to the tree planting if they wish, through the details on the poster in the Starting Line (where you will find all details):

Jamhuri Run for Avani and Niraj

We have an extra special bonus run on Jamhuri Day, an initiative of all the Nairobi recreational running clubs coming together to show solidarity with Avani and Niraj, two recreational runners who are much treasured and valued by the entire community and who have endured an unbelievable hardship in recent weeks, as you must have seen in the news. They have essentially lost their family home to illegal land grabbing and thugs. This run is open to anyone, and the clubs will be covering most of the costs, so you can pay 500ksh for breakfast, and we invite you to make a contribution which will be forwarded to the family. Details below!

Date: Monday 12th December. Distances: 10, 15, 20, 25km. Venue: Parklands Sports Club. Flagging off: 7am, assembly from 6.30am. Breakfast: 500ksh. Breakfast payable to: Urban Swaras m pesa 0740912116 (Samuel Waweru). Contributions: any contribution for Avani and Niraj that anyone wishes to make to be forwarded to 0740912116 (Samuel Waweru). Registration: