Urban Swaras Starting Line run 674 @ AGM, West Wood Hotel, Westlands

Dear Swaras, 

Sorry, I truly am sorry, for making all of you who didn’t attend Saturday’s Tigoni run so very jealous, with the views and the photos. But it’s Tigoni! You know it’s going to be amazing! Next time, don’t miss it. We had a great welcome and a fantastic breakfast package at the revamped cafe at the Rubis Tigoni, now called Nifty Cafe. For everyone who got bonus kilometres thanks to our Trail Fox’s overzealousness with the trail and the chalk, I hope you enjoyed every single one of them! See some photo highlights here:

This week’s run: Run and AGM, West Wood Hotel, Westlands

This week we have our Annual General Meeting. It is very important that the AGM has quorum, either in person or online, so please, if you are an active member, we ask that you either attend in-person at West Wood Hotel, or online, and be an active part of the club. If your membership is not up to date, please update it by sending the required amount to the club’s m pesa line , 0740 912 116 (Samuel Waweru). All attendees will be checked for membership status. Register now:

Zoom details below for online attendance for those unable to attend in-person. There will be FREE breakfast and lunch for members, so it’s worth your while to attend in-person! There will be a couple of important matters discussed, including membership fees, and a landmark Swara financial audit. Ensure you register for all of the options you plan to attend (run/breakfast/AGM/lunch/online AGM) for planning purposes in the registration form. You may come for the run and leave before the AGM if you are not a member, or skip the run and come for the AGM if you are a member! All combos are possible. There will be run distances of 10km up to 25km.

AGM Saturday 3rd December, 11am.

Link to join meeting:

Meeting ID: 822 0750 0169

Passcode: 121626

Full details in the Starting Line:

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