Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 670 @ Waterfront, Karen + Swara Gala!

How to condense the weekend into just a few soundbites?? Impossible! The photos in the Starting Line speak more than a million words, but so do the sore muscles, the happy but tired faces floating around Nairobi today, and the Strava stats telling tales of PBs and personal triumphs! See photo highlights here:

We started off with the short but sweet Swara run on Saturday around Upper Hill, followed by a HUGE group stretching session with the wonderful Elvis Abonyo. He can whip even the most inflexible, weakest person into shape in no time! We had a convivial breakfast at Public Service Club, dispensed some kits and t shirts, and then went to rest ahead of the big day. On the day we had upwards of 100 Swaras teeming around Uhuru Gardens, running either the 10km, 21km, 42km, or the corporate relay (we had a superstar Swara team competing). We also had a veritable army of support volunteers who were out as early as the runners were, with signs that went viral, and supplies that saved the day.

Well done to ALL who ran, you brightened up the run, and it was wonderful to see SO many recreational runners running together, cheering each other on, and sharing space in this running world of ours. See just a small selection of the many wonderful photos taken on the day. Well done to the Swara relay team (Faith, Joan, David and Esther) who came first in the running clubs category!! Check out some photo highlights from the weekend in the Starting Line:

This week’s run: Waterfront Mall, Karen

This weekend brings us the first Swara Gala! And to kick off the weekend we are inviting ALL recreational runners, from all clubs and all walks of life, to join us for a pre-Gala run at Waterfront Karen! The run will be FREE to members of other clubs – that’s right, no guest fees, so we can all run together in solidarity, and then go home, get dolled up, and meet for the evening party at Emara Ole Sereni! If you’ve not got your tickets for the gala yet you have until Wednesday 2nd November. Hurry hurry! Full details and to register in the Starting Line:

Next Gen Kenya will be offering FREE running injury screenings, and discounted physio sessions at the Saturday run, so do not miss out. 

Inaugural Swara Gala – reserve your ticket!

For the first time, the Urban Swaras Running Club is inviting you to a Swara Gala! A sophisticated, celebratory, evening event, bringing together club members, other members of the Nairobi Recreational Running community, and some special guests for a dinner, dance, entertainment, and awards ceremony.

Tickets cost 3,500ksh, and cover all of the above. The event is open to all members of the recreational running community and their guests, and in fact we invite members of other running or sports clubs to join us in a special event of running solidarity and celebration, so please do invite your friends and loved ones. Mileage medals will be awarded for those who register early on the link below.

Please book your tickets using this link, pick your outfit, and practice your dance moves and award acceptance speech, the Gala is around the corner! Booking link:

Our wonderful and generous sponsors of the event are listed in the Starting Line

Please collect your Duka La Swara goodies or Mount Kenya Ultra goodies at the next run, or ask someone to pick them for you. After this Saturday they will be sold off or donated.