Urban Swaras Starting Line Run 658 @ Ambo Gardens, Lavington

As election campaigns wrapped up, Swaras were out spreading purely running-based manifestos in the shape of our Saturday run from Cafe Bistro, Madaraka! Thank you to all for helping to promote peace and unity in your own small ways, and I hope we all continue to do so. Luckily the campaign rallies did not interfere with our Saturday run, and vice versa, our run did not interfere with the democratic activities! We headed away from Nyayo Stadium, towards Nairobi West, South C, Ngong Road, and the Southern Bypass, and (mostly) kept our soles (and souls) clean with tarmac instead of trail! Thank you to our host, Abdi, a former Swara and life-long club supporter from afar! We also had Enda showcasing their Kenya-made running shoes – we hope to be seeing a lot more of them, so be sure to check them out! See the Starting Line with photo highlights here:

This week’s run – Ambo Gardens, Lavington

In a slight change to the preplanned calendar, we will be running from Ambo Gardens, Lavington, as we know many people will have been travelling this week for voting. See you all there, for distances up to 30km, mostly tarmac. Full details and registration link here:

Great Ethiopian Run

We have been offered an unbeatable Nairobi Recreational Runners’ package to attend the Great Ethiopian Run, so don’t miss out on that. Be sure to check it out (scroll down to the bottom of the Starting Line and reach out to the Secretary if interested in booking):